Tell us your Crocs Story

Tell us how you wear your Crocs? We want to hear from Croc owners. Do you wear them while gardening, working, boating, skydiving? Let us know how you wear your Crocs and we will collect a list and post your testimonials.

Take a picture of you in your Crocs doing the things you do in them. We will start a Croc Fan gallery. Who knows maybe we will have a contest and prizes for the most creative use.

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133 Responses to Tell us your Crocs Story
  1. Annette Bell Reply

    I wish they would do college teams such as the ohio state buckeyes

  2. daisy Reply

    OK so to answer the above quetion, they sell U of Miami Crocs at the Stadium here, we just spotted them last week, anyway I love my Crocs, I first saw them when a friend had a few pairs, they werent popular back then like they are now, but she swore they were the best,…so this Christmas I asked my boyfriend to get me pair, well they were great and 10 months, 5 pairs laters, i am a true croc addict, i have even bought some Croc stock. Yesterday i went out and got me the Crocs polarized sunglasses, they are super comfortable, will be able to review them properly after I have had some time to use them…

  3. amy Reply

    i have 3 pairs of crocs and wear them daily but they are so dangerous in rainy or damp weather on flat flooring or pavement. crocs need to have better traction. very dangerous indeed. please pressure the company to improve crocs for wet weather.

  4. david vergara Reply

    Crocs are dangerous in wet conditions. very slippery on wet tile or pavement. needs to be fixed.

    I have almost broken my neck walking into the tile entrance to our house on a rainy day. no other shoes are this slippery/.

    please look into this

  5. Susan Reply

    Why not OSU Buckeye Crocs? They are #1?

  6. melanie Reply

    my name is melanie and i have three pair of crocs. my family loves them as much as i do too. I got my first pair when i was in third grade and still have them and now i am in fifth grade. I love them so much because their perfect for the beach and any season there is, whenever i go down to the beach ill always were them and to school almost every day. I think they are the coolest invention of shoes ever!

  7. Merle Reply

    If they weren’t such a ridiculous price, as everything is in England, I’d have at least a dozen pairs. They beat my beloved Birkenstocks by miles.
    It should be a regulation to wear them.
    I Love em!

  8. Randy Murphy Reply

    If I wasn’t a darn cat I’d have a pair too, imagine how expensive it would be for me.


  9. Insulted by Croc Reply

    On New Years Eve my friends and I tied crocs to firecrackers and blew them into the sky. From 50ft about us shards of demolished Crocs showered London. Our beautiful city shall be scarred forever.

  10. Lynn Reply

    I own Athens Sandals and Endeavor Clogs. Love them… Endeavors have developed a horrible quacking squeak! I had them for 4 months and then it happened. I am so bummed. People look up when I am walking by. Sounds like I stepped on a duck. Crocs said it has happened to a few customers, I must be one of the lucky ones. I’m out the money now. They are no longer in warranty.

  11. sophia Reply

    For Lynn,

    If you get the shoes wet, the squeaking stops. Mine squeaked, I walked in water, they no longer sqeak.

  12. drew Reply

    I am very in to music.
    I was at the store,and i thought these were the most ugly shoes in the world.I was eager to give them a try though.I put them on and right away,i purchased them.
    So,back to the music part.These shoes rock out loud!I can actually play the drums better than before.
    When these shoes entered my life,i completely changed my thoughts about these beauties.I even like the way they look now!
    Thanks crocs for the gift of happy feet!!!!!

  13. cockneyrebel Reply

    love them but have to agree the price is a bit .o.t.t

  14. Catherine Reply

    Im a nurse and our manager is trying to stop us wearing crocs saying they are unsafe because they dont have a full back in – please help us with any documentation / evidence to say they are not unsafe!!

    • Paul Reply

      Got to say I love my crocs but it’s a fact they are very unsafe I have slipped and fallen many times and the bridge of my one foot as greatly flattened causing a lot of pain in my heal…unfortunately I find them so easy and comfy I still were them but walk very strange as I’m almost on I’ve expecting to fall flat…if you havnt slipped or fallen yet I can assure you it’s a matter of time…also there has been a few large law suits in America due to wearers coming to serious harm

  15. Brian Reply

    I wear Crocs, both ‘beach’ and ‘aspen’. I like them because of the comfort they provide. But I’m highly unsatisfied at the durability of the thread at the bottom of the shoe. By normal usage, the thread worn off so fast and almost gone in less than 6 months. I haven’t wore any shoes that have thread gone off so fast. At the end of 4th month, I could feel that the shoe start to slip easily in any kind of Wet condition.
    This really pose a danger to most of the Crocs users.

  16. shuk Reply

    hi, i bought a pair of white crocs off ebay after purchasing a black pair from official stockist and loving them. however when i recieved them they looked suspicious ,i compared everything against the genuine pair and there were slight differences as the size of fonts on the bottom and they were made in mexico rather than italy….so any advice here to their authenticity?…many thanx!

    • Jean Reply

      Crocs can be made in Mexico, Italy, China, US and a couple of others. They are all genuine. I have not found that they slip at all?

  17. Allison Reply

    I got my first pair of CROCS (UGA) for Christmas and from then on I was hooked. I currently have 8 pair and am waiting on #9 and my husband has 1 and is waiting on #2. Between us, we have Beaches, Caymans, Athens, Endeavors & Sassari. I love my CROCS and will be a fan for life.

  18. cw Reply

    Wanting to buy my 1st pair of Crocs, but can’t decide – Athens or Capri? I like the Athens styling, but is the croslite between the toes too hard?

  19. bill Reply

    if total order greater than $40, use “crocsavp07″ 25% off coupon at checkout for free shipping plus save some more money.

    if total order less than $40, use “summer07″ at checkout for free shipping.

  20. lefty Reply

    almost broke my wrist walking down the street after a rainfall today. my friend warned me about the frictionless soles of these things when in certain conditions… i won’t let my pregnant girlfriend wear them now. scary fall. just happened so damn fast, and i have pretty good reflexes, really lucky it wasn’t worse.

  21. kitty Reply

    I love my crocs! I accidently came across them while shopping in the Kowloon area of Hongkong earlier this year while on holidays. My shoes were killing me with all the walking around and sightseeing we were doing when lo and behold these brightly coloured clogs grabbed my attention as I walked by a shoe shop. I have an instant attraction to bright colours and so my eyes were drawn towards them. I tossed my shoes off and slipped on the brightly coloured mickey mouse crocs and wow they were a perfect fit and felt so immediatly comfortable that I just had to have them. The rest is History. They have hardly come off my feet. I wear them just about everywhere. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more. They are incredibly comfortable and I can even run in them altho I have to say I agree with other comments about their unsuitability when experiencing wet surfaces. My mission now is to find lots of funky badges to personalise my beloved crocs.

  22. Nikki Reply

    I just cant wait to read a story that says:-

    I had a pair of crocs i got my leg chopped off by a elavator..I still wear them though..Well one of them!

  23. Lil Bit Reply

    I am appauld at the bs about these wonderful shoes. Ever since I was kid (a lonnng time ago), there have always been WARNING SIGNS on escalators. READ the SIGNS people and WATCH YOUR KIDS. I’ve never had problems with my shoes and I’ll continue buying them. When are parents going to start taking responsibility for their children when their standing right beside them. I’ve had 4 kids and they’ve all successfully rode on escalators without any problems, because as we approach the end, I always make sure they are ready to get off the escalator without problems. I admit they are intimidating, but COME ON!!! Pretty soon we’re not going to be able to wear flip flops or sandles. I live in the Sunshine State, Flip flops and Crocs are mandatory, so is going Bare foot! You just have to watch where you step. I guess it’s too easy just to sue someone and blame them.

  24. jan salbashian Reply


    • Jean Reply

      That’s really strange. I have a habit of tripping or slipping, but I never do when wearing crocs.

  25. Soupnazi Reply

    I love my crocs but agree. Crocs are VERY SLIPPERY when wet on certain surfaces like tile/cement/gravel even when you’re just walking slowly. These would be perfect if they had better gripping soles. Currently you have to be careful where you step when it rains because you can slip without any warning and it’s VERY DANGEROUS. (walk very lightly and slowly)

  26. croc lover Reply


  27. croc lover Reply


  28. croc lover ( i hate fake crocs) Reply


  29. spongeymcnasty Reply

    I have almost killed myself multibple times wearing crocs. ok well not killed but deffinitely injured. slipped one time at work on wet floor in kitchen, cut my hand open quite badly. sprained my ankle one time in the climbing gym doing a “dyno” it was stupid. stepped on two nails one after the other one time (nails sticking out of a board laying on ground) so be careful. dont wear your crocs in situations that are less than ideal. ie: dont wear them doing anything more intense than basic walking. then you will be ok. they are not sports shoes, but i find them to be pleasant after having worn “sports” shoes all day. very squishy!!

  30. Croc-wearer for life Reply

    People, pick up your feet when you are walking and you won’t trip/fall, etc. These are great shoes, but if the wearer doesn’t walk like a normal person, of course accidents might happen. And since when do shoes come with “instructions”? IT’s easy, put them on your feet, walk, take them off when you’re done. Sometimes stupid hurts.

    • droid Reply

      I look after bodily injury claims for a huge chain of stores. Trust me, if you sat in my seat you would never wear crocs of any kind, unless at the beach. People are laid up for months (or permanently) with broken hips, kneecaps etc…These shoes and their knock off sisters belong in the garbage can.

  31. croc lover ( i hate fake crocs) Reply

    I love crocs i just stay away from elovaters

  32. concerned about crocs Reply

    Crocs are hopeless to wear in wet area environments because the soles have very little grip. I have had several near misses at work so the crocs have to go!

  33. Jamie Reply

    I love my Crocs and am on my second pair. I can stand in them for hours and have used them hiking, walking, yard work, even around the office.

    BUT- once the bottoms wear down, they become VERY dangerous on wet floors. Even outside in the yard I took a simple step and was on my face in no time. This isn’t an issue of using caution or common sense. There is a design flaw.

    These are the best shoes I have ever owned – but I am waiting for the lawsuits over the slipping hazards that these shoes posses that others do not.

  34. Philip Reply

    I have 6 pairs (2 yellow, red, navy, red MJ, pink MJ). My wife bought me the pink mary janes as a birthday gift, yes, I love them. We were together and bought the red mary janes, so now we match. I wear them with eveything jeans, shorts, shortalls. I have found that they only slip on wet surfaces if they are worn down. My new yellow ones don’t slip on our boat, however the old ones do. Anyway, I love wearing them all. Guys, wear the mary janes styles, I get LOTS of nice comments from the women, so get some guts and put them on.

  35. Marcy Reply

    Are they getting more slippery as they wear out? I’ve worn mine to work for about 4 months without a problem but I wiped out when I stepped on my wet boat deck.

  36. Dave Reply

    After trying Crocs the very first time last summer, I think my days of wearing conventional/athletic shoes are over. Crocs are the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever put my feet into. I have wide feet and conventionally, I would have to resort to a 4E width just for my toes to fit comfortably. Not with Crocs, thanks to it’s wide toebox. I have 2 pair All-Terrain; 1 pair Georgie (for winter); 2 pair Off-Road; 1 pair Endeavor; 1 pair Specialist (for work) and 2 pair Cayman. (I actually workout in these.) I DON’T CARE WHAT THE NAYSAYERS SAY ABOUT CROCS (I think some people are just simply looking to sue someone for big $$$)..I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! & I WOULD RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE..especially W/PROBLEM FEET.

  37. Dave Reply

    BTW: I’ve worn my Crocs going thru elevators (everyday) and escalators…NO PROBLEM. It’s called practicing COMMON-SENSE…which some people (especially kids) obviously don’t have.

  38. Lynn Reply

    I have a couple of pairs of Athens sandels, 1 pair of beach and 1 pair of caymens (for cold weather). My caymen’s develped a squeak. It’s embarassing! I found that if I put the heel strap on, they don’t sqeak but with it folded to the front, they do.

    I wish they had more arch support as well.

    My shoes do slide on wet floors. Nearly did the splits in the grocery store when I slid on a wet spot I couldn’t see (water on a while linoleum floor).

    I think they are comfy but not I have been reluctant to buy any more due to the reasons above.

  39. Bruno Reply

    I think crocs are not the best looking shoes out there but they are so comfy, so for that matter I have 7 pairs of crocs, different styles, beach, mammoth, wrking boots, athens and the one I just bought last friday, the off road style on which I like it better than any other crocs, besides my flip flops. I use my boots to work a lot, and sometimes they are a little slippery on the wet floor but I just try to be careful no to fall.

  40. Jim Reply

    I have had three very serious falls in my crocs. At the pool, I went to use the rest room (tile floors) and fell flat on my back and broke my elbow. The floors were wet; I took one step and the shoe felt like it was on butter. The croc was only 2 months old and was the sandal version. I have also had two wipe outs on my garage floor (cement) coming in from the rain. I am glad to hear that this is a problem for others. I want Crocs to know and change the design or issue a warning about wet/slippery surfaces.

  41. Jennifer M. Reply

    Wow, I had a BAD slip and fall in my Crocs on wet pavement the other day. I’ve always had problems with that, thought mine were the only defective pair! I wrote to the company but am not expecting a response.

  42. Mike Reply

    I’ve also found that my Crocs are very dangerous to wear on certain street paving, especially wet tiles. Its like walking on ice and I need to walk really slowly over it. I have not experienced this with any other forms of shoes.

    Please people.. be careful, luckily no broken bones but I could easily imagine someone slipping and hitting the head. I’ve cautioned my family about this since they also wear crocs but now none of them wear in wet weather.

  43. Catherine Reply

    I love my Crocs but I am getting tired of slipping and falling in them. They SHOULD be the perfect shoe to wear in wet conditions, but they are very, very dangerous. I have had two pretty serious falls, and trust me…..I KNOW how to walk and I am not looking to sue anyone. Just would really like the design flaw fixed. Living in Florida with afternoon summer thuderstorms, they are extremely dangerous on even slightly wet, asphalt parking lots. I have NEVER had a problem like this with any other flip flop or sandal, and that is all I wear here. Please, please fix this problem. I love the shoes, but really don’t want to fall — they have the potential to be the best shoes, but this is a very serious issue.

  44. Sheb Reply

    I fell down at a mall parking lot the other day. It started to rain and I was not walking fast at all. I slipped on a left turn arrow! I was able to catch myself using my hand and my right leg. Fortunatly nothing scraped or broken, but I was sooooo sore the past few days. I love my crocs, but they’re dangerous in wet conditions.

  45. Tim Reply

    Re: Post 3. That’s very odd. I have two pairs of the athens model, and worn them in rain; slick surfaces, ie. wet floors in stores, on boats, etc., with no problem! The designers set out to make a comfortable, non-slip boat shoe, and went from there. I wonder which model you’re talking about?

  46. Tim Reply

    Wow! I just read the rest of these posts about slipping. I’m shocked! I’ve never encountered that. And no, I don’t work for Crocs.

  47. hannah Reply

    well i have never owned crocs, until now!When i was gonna get em but i was broke. im gonna be the most stylish kid in the class! I mean they don’t realy go with any thing exept bell bottom jeans though. I mean,skinny jeans make your feet look huge. when my mom first offered to buy me some, they wer’nt that stylish. but now i luv them! oh yeah, shorts just dont look right. only bell bottom jeans. so good thing i have like 60 bell bottoms! :P

  48. Arp Reply

    My wife and I agree that Crocs are dangerous on wet tile and wet smooth cement. I have an All Terrain and she has a Cayman and both are crap on certain surfaces. I’d like to contribute the problem to wear but the first time I slipped was on the 2nd day I owned them! You’d think that something designed to keep people from slipping and falling on boats would not do that. It really sucks because they’re the most comfortable shoes otherwise! I’m looking for alternatives now.

  49. Trevor Reply

    I deliberately googled slippery crocs to see if anyone else had this problem. I love the convenience of the Crocs but have to say they are deadly on wet surfaces once the bottoms get worn down. They are deadly. I try to remember not to wear them when it rains but sometimes forget or sometimes it starts raining after. When it rains I walk as slowly and carefully as I can but I still almost fall, EVERY time. Some surfaces like pavement are ok, but when you hit tile or marble that’s it, they just go out from under you like on ice. I really think this company is gonna end up getting sued, and I’m not a sue happy guy. But I’m sure someone will do it. The other week I was walking with friends, being careful, and I mentioned how deadly they were on wet surfaces (it was raining at the time) and just as I said they were deadly dangerous, my feet went out from under me. I can’t even walk normal on certain substances, it’s literally like the slow shuffle you do on ice to not fall down.

  50. LAS Reply

    The first time i saw crocs i was horrified. I could not believe someone would care so little about their appearance that they would go out in public in such a shoe. Then i saw a MAN wearing BRIGHT PURPLE crocs. I was disgusted (haha). But seriously…

    So one summer i was visiting my sister (who I’ve always considered to be very fashion forward) and she had a pair of lime green and fushia athens. I thought she had lost her mind. However, i got curious and tried them on and they were insanely comfortable but i still was shocked when she actually went into the grocery store wearing those things.

    Later on that summer i gave in and bought a pair of the flip flogs (i cnat remember what they were…not athens and not capri). They were slightly less…colorful…they were just white and light pink. They were comfortable and i enjoyed wearing them around the pool and around my house but soon enough i realized how much it hurt in between my toes when i wore them for longer periods of time. Recently i got a pair of bright pink and orange athens. They are much more comfortable than my other ones and wearing those on my feet around the house all day is much much better than going barefoot. My feet thank me :) I still try not to be seen in public with them though. AND as far as the original looking crocs with the holes in them…those just arent for me. I’ll admit that some people can pull off that look, but i wont be trying to any time soon.

  51. Daniel Lipkin Reply


    One of my Crocs became stuck to my bike pedal while I was going very fast. I found myself flying over the handle bars and onto the ground. Luckily I was not seriously injured.

    I picked up my bike to find my Croc had lodged itself into my back tire spokes sending me over the bars. Somethings must be learned the hard way I suppose.

  52. Lynn Reply

    I purchased the new Baja in women’s size 8 because all my other crocs (5 pairs) are size 8. These shoes are 1 whole size too small! I put them up against my Athens and they are at least 1″ shorter than the Athen’s. Now I have to pay 7.00 to return them and another 10.00 get get a replacment pair because this is not a “warranty” issue aka defect. I am going to be out 17.00 dollars because crocs is inconsistant in sizing? Not right! I think I’m switching to a company with better cusomer care and service.

  53. Lynn Reply

    My Athen’s slip on wet floors. The first time I almost did the splits in the grocery store. It’s only on shiny type floors. Cement is not a problem at all. Also, both pairs of my Caymen’s squeek horribly.

    I think I’m done with crocs. Comfort is not worth the danger on certain floors and the looks I get like I’m stepping on a duck or passing wind!

  54. Jen Reply

    My son broke his leg this weekend, going down a slide while wearing his crocs, He went to slide and his foot met resistance with the slide and twisted his leg around and now my 2 year old is in a cast for at least 6 weeks. I don’t think I like them anymore. I didn’t realize they shouldnt be worn at a playground :(

  55. Liz Reply

    I have plantar faciitis and these are the only shoes that are not hurting my feet. But yes they are SLIPPERY on wet surfaces. I have to walk like one of my Parkinsons patients when it’s wet. Isn’t there anything you can put on the sole to fix this?

  56. Barbara Reply

    I love the comfort of crocs and a couple of months ago I purchased 2 pair of the “slip resistant” type. They are not slip resistant. I was walking on grass covered with dew and slipped, fractured my ankle, had to have surgery. They are very dangerous and the “slip resistant” label put on them is misleading you into thinking that you are safe.

  57. kim Reply

    I have about 10 pairs of crocs and today I busted my butt wearing the mammoth ones. This is a new pair so they have tread but I completely wiped out and it happened so fast with no warning. You just cannot wear these anywhere near water, melting snow, damp floor etc.. I will say that of all my pairs, I love the Athens style best and that Crocs are great in dry weather or for in the house.

  58. damien Reply

    Crocs are deadly in wet conditions due to extremely poor grip. This makes them very unsuitable for climates like that of SIngapore where during monsoon it is raining every day. Be VERY careful using these shoes!

  59. alessandra Reply

    my sister who is 7 months pregnant just fell down the staircase yesterday because of slippery crocs shoes during rainy weather. luckily she was not hurt. but really, crocs are so disappointing, why isnt anything being done on those soles even when there are so many complaints about it already???!!!with shoes looking like tat, u would’ve thot SAFETY would be one of their first priorities.


  60. Crocs Inc company Reply

    do you think crocs are dangerous type in google crocs and escalators. then type snickers and escalators and see which is more searches. I did it and knew that it was snickers more so we are not the problem. Also when you are riding an escalator don’t go at the side of the escalator go in the middle so your foot will not be damaged.

  61. Larry Cable Reply

    I have worn crocs almost constantly for nearly 3 years now, and I agree that they are without doubt the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I wear them around the house and while dog walking …


    they are LETHAL on wet or slippery surfaces such as:

    - wet tile
    - certain types of concrete found on sidewalks (when wet)
    - any sort of steel/metal manhole cover (when wet)

    they offer no traction whatsover and a fall is highly likely … I have slipped and fallen several times in such circumstances …


  62. Larry Cable Reply

    Its stating the obvious but I think the slip problem depends on the nature of the surface upon which the
    shoe is on …

    Crocs are *fine* on boats, I wore them for a week while sailing and had no issue, despite the obivious
    presence of water, this is because of the deck surface
    which the croc can grip on …

    metal, tile, marble and other “smooth” surfaces do not allow the sole of the shoe to grip it … so it aquaplanes like a tire on a puddle at speed

  63. kitty Reply

    i have a question…are crocs suitable for daily walking like for an hour?

  64. Deanna Wilkinson Reply

    I slipped and fell while wearing a pair of crocs…it was a rainy night, and I was taking my dog out to do his business, and I slipped on the back stairs. I now have two herniated disks in my back and have been in extreme pain since. I should sue!

  65. Stu Reply

    Hi I have a pair of Crocs and one is much looser that the other, it is not that my feet are slightly different sizes, has anyone else found this or have I been unlucky

  66. Lena Reply

    Crocs are super comfortable and helps a lot when I’m doing a lot of walking/standing.
    However, they are DANGEROUSLY slippery when wet. I’ve fallen when it rained or stepped in water unexpectedly. Especially the Mary Janes. Needs serious attention!!!! Closed ones also sweaty inside.
    But luv them & have 4 pairs, + a fake pair that I bought first … and it never slips o.O … funny enough…

  67. Patrik Johnson Reply

    I love crocs and have worn them for a few years now and I was aware of how slipery they can be under wet conditions. Just this afternoon I slipped in the basement wearing crocs. There was some condosation dripping from an overhead cold water pipe. I was doing laundry and we have a painted floor. Painted serfaces are very slipery with crocs I leared one day crossing the street when I slipped on the painted crosswalk. That time I recovered and did not fall but this afternoon I did go down and I think I pulled a musle below my left buttok. Well see how it feels tomorrow but it feels very uncomfortable now.

  68. R.R. Reply

    I must now defending myself and two non-profit organizations in court because someone attended a fundraiser we held… she ran in the rain with crocs on her feet, and has a civil suit against our organizations for having an unsafe walking surface. Think the crocs, and her run through the rain did the damage!

  69. TRL Reply

    I loved my Crocs until a few months ago. I wore them doing yardwork, fell and shattered my tibia. My feet were wet when I put them on because I had been in the pool. Ten weeks later, I’m still healing and non-weightbearing. Needless to say, I no longer own a pair of Crocs.

  70. rdh Reply

    crocs are definitely dangerous… I have a fractured ankle w/surgery to support my claim. I slipped on a wet deck (while holding 2 year old child). He’s fine but not me! I was wearing flip flop style of crocs!

  71. Kay Reply

    I will never were a Croc shoe again. I snapped and broke my ankle.and now I have a metal plate and 9 screws in my ankle all because I wore them in the rain!!Ill admit they are comfortable but not worth the pain I have now!!

  72. Nancy Reply

    I have treated my crocs and my children’s crocs so that we no longer slip in damp conditions. Like so many of you I had a couple of bad falls in mine. The owner of a shoe repair shop sold me some Kg’s Boot Guard ( You can treat the bottom of two pairs of crocs with a $10 bottle. It has lasted a few months and now I need to retreat them. It is messy and smelly so follow the directions carefully. I did call Crocs safety person ( and told her about this product but still all I see on the website is buy new ones when they start to slip. I feel that they are being pretty irresponsible.

  73. Nancy Reply

    I forgot to mention in my posting above, when you apply Kgs you should put masking tape around the base of the sides, near the soles, so it does not drip onto the croc. Also apply a limited amount near the edges to reduce drip. If you should get some drip you can scrape it off but may come with some of the rubber.

  74. Kris Reply

    I loved my Crocs. But I don’t love them anymore. While wearing Crocs in May 2009, I suffered a slip and fall while stepping on a liquid spill on marble stairs at a shopping mall, landing hard on my left knee. As I now know, Crocs and wet, smooth surfaces are a dangerous combination. Result: a ruptured quadricep tendon, expensive surgery, months of physio therapy.

    In October 2009, I was about 2 months of physio away from being semi-normal again when I suffered another Crocs slip, this time on a damp tile floor. Simply putting my foot down on the damp floor caused my foot to slip from under me, causing a hard crash and severe bending of my previously damaged knee. Result: original surgical repair damaged, requiring another expensive surgery, and months of physiotherapy. The re-repair will likely not be as robust as the original, meaning I’ll never have full use of my left leg. Little things like walking on stairs, sitting cross-legged, riding a bicycle, running, etc, are all part of my past. My orthopedist told me I’ll never regain full use of my left leg.

    I loved the convenience, comfort, and style of Crocs. Now my opinion has changed. I don’t love Crocs anymore. I don’t wish the misery I have been through and will continue to suffer to happen to anyone else.

    Be forewarned.

  75. Jeanie Reply

    Yeah, I’ve got to agree with others here – Crocs are dangerous. I love my summer and winter pairs and have fully decorated with Jibbitz, but just fell again yesterday on the concrete garage floor coming in from the rain – broke my wrist and my arm is badly bruised all the way up past my elbow. I know to take extra caution when the Crocs get wet, but I went down in 2 seconds flat. Also, I do notice that you can easily trip on tile floors. They are casual shoes so the tendency is to walk more casually, which probably contributes to the problem. Also, thanks to the person who recommend KG’s Boot Guard.

  76. jeni Reply

    I LOVED crocs and bought pairs in many colours.
    I was aware that they were slippy in the wet and so was careful.
    Ten weeks ago however I fell over while wearing them and broke both the bones in my right ankle. I have now got two metal plates and eight screws to hold my ankle together.
    I still can’t walk very far and have been in pain during all this time.
    I will not be wearing crocs ever again,
    you might think you are being careful in the wet but a moment will come when you forget. They are dangerous and it is not worth it.

  77. deby Wine Reply

    I love crocs. I have about 20 pairs and it is all I have worn for years. I have bought another 15 pairs or so, as gifts. I no longer wear them. 2 years ago I slipped on a spot of melted ice at the grocery store. Fractured wrist, and 2 months of no work, I didn’t get the hint. This summer at the grocery store, I turned to get groceries out of the cart to the belt, and broke a chip of bone off my ankle. Still no clue. 3 weeks later walking around in a grassy area, a bit lumpy ground, I broke 3 bones in the middle of my other foot. Recovering from that, limping on the boot they make you wear, 4 weeks later, the strain put pressure on the other foot, and oops, 2 broken bones in the bad ankle foot. Now I sit in a chair in my living room. My feet are up, resting in the seat of my wheelchair. I am 4 weeks out from surgery to do repairs, remove bone chips, and fix other related damage in my foot and ankle. I have been out of work for almost 6 months, and have another 2 or so til I feel I can be back on my feet. Now, I am 54 years old and have been overweight my entire life. If I was 6 years old this would never have happened to me. I feel there is a point in our lives where it is critical to have great foot support. If I had spent the past few years in firm support athletic shoes, I would not be in this spot. My very fabulous foot foot surgeon says that Crocs are terrible and do not offer the support needed for good foot health. I will never be able to wear them again. I am concerned, too, for the others, like me that make them the main stay of their shoe collection. Be very careful and consult your Physician to see if they may become problematic to your feet. If you have pain, stop wearing them. Very sad and tired of sitting in Va :-(

  78. jim Reply

    Ditto as to slippery. Walking the dog on wet concrete. My foot slipped and knee collapased. I didnt recover for six months from the sprained knee. I have fallen three more times.

  79. hr Reply

    I was walking in crocs and the shoe slipped on my foot and tripped me up. I landed on my outstretched hand and tore my labrum and rotator cuff. I had to have shoulder reconstruction because of crocs. I liked them until that happened. Now, not such a big fan.

  80. Teena Reply

    I own 3 pair of crocs and used to love them. Last Monday I wore a black pair to school (I am a teacher) and slipped and fell in them and broke both tibia and fibula and now have 8 screws and a steel plate holding my ankle together. I am still in alot of pain. I wore them that day because it was a sort of rainy day and wet so I thought that it would be perfect to wear them. I was even walking very carefully when I slipped. I had to go in the ambulance an hour away to the hospital. I still cannot believe this happened and am very very upset and sad.

  81. Wendall Jonson Reply

    When i was in new york a model stoped and asked me what i was wearing. I told her they were crocs, she said “cute shoes” gave me her number and 3 months later we were married

  82. jeni evans Reply

    I had many pairs of crocs. Not now!
    I fell over in the rain last August bank holiday.
    I broke my tibia and fibula. I had to have an operation and have two metal plates and many screws.
    I have had a REALLY painful time with this injury all winter,and limited mobility,
    Only now, eight months later,am I beginning to see some hope of it getting back to normal again.
    I had fallen once before and knew they were slippy in the wet. I had tried always to be really careful,
    I really had loved my crocs but I won’t be wearing them again.

  83. pat Reply

    Just returned from the store where I fell on a wet spot on floor. I was wearing mary jane crocs which I love due to comfort. This is the second time on wet flooring and I will not wear them again to the store or on a wet street. Very dangerous.

  84. Mike Reply

    Should be outlawed. Those of you who love them just haven’t fallen yet. Extremely dangerous. The perfect use of them would seem to be while doing work in wet conditions, but the irony is that this is the time when you will go down. Wet surfaces of slick tile, slick surface concrete, or even deck wood are the worst. Also, if your crocs are wet and you step onto these surfaces dry, look out.
    What makes them so dangerous is that the traction is usually excellent and then suddenly you are on ice.

  85. JH Reply

    My foot Doctor told me to get Crocs RX, they make a prescription line at Crocs, anyone can buy them.(they are better and more supportive than the regular Crocs)at the Crocs store or online. I think there is only one style and a few colors.

  86. Maria Reply

    My crocs had too much gription, fell down. poon! Ay!!!!!!!!!!! Maria

  87. LJ Reply

    Love how comfortable they are, but when you do have an accident you don’t want to be in Crocs. I was going down the stairs in the train station and my footing got stuck and so my left foot started to go without the right and then I tumbled two full times down the stairs. The rubber just rubbed against each other making it more bouncy and couldn’t get any traction. Ended up with cuts, scrapes, bruises and a sprain ankle. From the looks of the way I fell, I was lucky that it wasn’t more serious.

  88. Joe Reply

    I love my Crocs Santa Cruz loafers, they are comfortable and great for long walking – BUT WEARING THEM ON A WET SURFACE IS SUICIDE! I just took my 3rd bad fall. I live in So CA so not a lot of rain, but when there is I will not be wearing my Crocs. And just skim through the responses on this site to see how many people have voiced similar problems for years.

  89. Dennis Reply

    I work in a hospital. Over the past 12 months our employees have experienced 7 serious injuries from slips and falls due to these awesome croc shoes coming into contact with water on the floor. One injury resulted in 100% disability for the employee. Medical expenses for the 7 injuries was well over $100,000. They are now banned from the workplace. Anyone who defends these shoes as being appropriate for ANY work environment is…well just not very smart or is very uninformed.

  90. Wayne Reply

    Slipped in my crocks and fell off a six foot retaining wall into mangroves. A stick penetrated my left calf and lodged against the bone. Had it surgically removed. Bought a new pair of crocs three days later. Sums up the croc story…it’s a bit like being bitten by your beloved pet puppy.

  91. Karl Reply

    I bought my first pair of Crocs after trudging through Disney World in October 2010 with my 4-year-old granddaughter with excruciating heel spur pain. OMG, the most comfortable footwear in the world but also the absolute ugliest. No matter, between my wife and me we have close to a dozen.

    We both bought the Rx Silver. They are like walking on air. I wear that style as my everyday shoe. We also bought Blitzens and Polar Blitzens for the winter. We spent a full day walking around New York City this December in our Blitzens, our feet stayed warm, dry and comfortable–the heel pain was virtually nonexistent. Our granddaughter has something like half a dozen, all with the various jibitz charms.

    I have orthopaedic surgeon friends who regularly wear Crocs in the operating theatre for long surgeries. For those who have slipped, there are models with extremely slip resistant soles, usually sold in chef supply stores. My wife has a pair for the kitchen, no holes so if you spill something hot your feet don’t get burned and slip-resistant soles.

    I only wear dress shoes with dress clothes or my tux for formal events, otherwise it’s Crocs.

  92. John Reply

    Lived in a pair of knock-off crocs until the treads wore. I was exiting school in Boston with a heavy backpack on my back, in the pouring rain last April. The sidewalk had sections of smooth granite. You can anticipate this only gets worse.

    My left foot slipped forward as I was walking, then abruptly planted. As I fell, the weight of the backpack caused me to fall backward with my leg underneath me. I heard a loud snapping sound and then felt the searing pain … I had completely torn all quadriceps tendons on my left leg from the bone (from where they connect to the knee).

    After brutal surgery and physical therapy, I have full usage, but there is still lingering scar tissue, the thigh muscles are still smaller in that leg than the other one, and climbing stairs is no longer painful but still has discomfort.

    While I expect to continue to improve to 100%, PLEASE be careful and inspect your crocs for tread wear.

  93. Sue Reply

    I had awful experience with my crocs. My bigger problem with them was on shiny or smooth tiles, like in the shopping centre. The rubber does this sudden “brake” (friction) on the tiles whenever I put down my foot a little too hard, and the immediate reaction (especially when you are walking too fast) is to fall over on your face. Its happened to me about 5 times, out of the 3 months I have worn them, but luckily I was very good at balancing myself steady again. Who knows I might not be so lucky in future. So I won’t be wearing my crocs anymore. I think crocs is ok for just wearing around the garden or places with rougher surface.

  94. Roger Reply

    I love crocs they are a great show but you must be carful if you wear them when it rains. I was going to class and when I steped on the tile floor I sliped and got hurt pretty bad.

  95. boted Reply

    loved mine too. fractuered my knee cap on may 5th
    a combo of the slip on one foot and the sudden stop on the other. not sure if i will wear them again after i heal. just don’t know what would take there place

  96. rjs Reply

    i’m typing this with one hand as my left lower arm to hand is in a cast. i hit a puddle of water on smooth concrete while wearing crocs. i’m an independent contractor in the oil field and just lost a 4 well job that would have paid my $17,400 annual bc/bs premiums (but not the $10,000 deductible-i’m 64 and live in WY.)

    my wrist is shattered and prospects for it to be almost normal are slim. so much for fly fishing, backpacking, shooting competitions and being gainfully employed again.

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  99. Jacyra Soares Reply

    I had a trimalleolar fracture on my ankle using one crocs. be aware of it! Do not use crocs.

  100. geno Reply

    crocs i am mad as hell at myself for ever wearing such a bad shoe. i stepped on just a spot of water in my basement and guess what happened. i slipped and took a hard fall breaking my i am going through intensive therapy just so i can walk again. all the crocs are in dump and good ridance. most dangerous shoe ever invented.

  101. Lynn Reply

    I work at a medical facility and have had to call an ambulance twice to pick up patients that have fallen while wearing Crocs. Now my husband has TWO broken ribs from a fall while wearing Crocs…we have since thrown 6 pairs AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible shoes!!!

  102. sheila Reply

    these shoes are absolutely friggin dangerous when the treads wear off ,which is too fast for what they cost. i just broke my humerus the other day from slipping in my crocs, which i had twisted my knee while wearing when they slipped on a hill a few weeks earlier. wish i had thrown them out after that, i’d still have a useful right arm right now. will not buy another pair @ $40, thanks, since the tread wears out so fast i’ll buy the $5 knockoffs and throw them away after one season to be safe.

  103. Anna Reply

    I have worn Crocs for years with no problems–until this past August 7. I was shopping in Target, wearing Candace Crocs. As I was walking toward the checkout (on the very shiny waxed floor) I fell flat on my face with no warning. I think that my shoes stayed put when I was still trying to go forward. I was in a fair amount of pain and went to the doctor the next day, not thinking that I was hurt badly. I turned out that my left arm was broken, my ribs bruised, and two toes broken. It wasn’t raining or anything, and I know how to walk. My Candace Crocs are fairly new, too, so it’s not a tread issue. I spent August 9, my birthday, going to a surgeon to make sure that I didn’t need a pin in my elbow. I’m all healed up now, but I’m much more leery of wearing Crocs. It’s really a shame because I love the shoes, but I don’t want to injure myself like that ever again.

  104. zach Reply

    I love my crocs. They feel even more amazing than I thought! Plus they look awesome too.

  105. wts0001 Reply

    I lost one of my fingers when I fell while wearing Crocs. They are extremely slippery on tile floors. I thought they were so much safer than flip flops which is why I started wearing them. The new ones I just found out have been redesigned to “prevent people from falling” according to the salesperson at the Crocs store. Nice going guys.

  106. bigbird_57 Reply

    My wife has fallen four times while wearing crocs. This last time has been devastating. She has torn the ACL and the MCL in her knee. The fall was on worn crocs on a damp tile floor. Water and crocs do not mix on hard surface floors.
    Buyer beware. These shoes are dangerous.

  107. bigbird_57 Reply

    Surgery for wife on Thursday. The MCL is torn in two. This has to be repaired before the ACL can be fixed. 8 to 10 weeks recovery before second surgery. May have to deal with the meniscus as well.

  108. bigbird_57 Reply

    Update 2,
    No surgery due to gross swelling. Will re-evaluate in 6 weeks. Anyone who defends these regular soled Crocs is mis-informed or delusional. Sadly my bride is still wearing the same shoes she fell in.I have thrown away 4 pairs.

  109. Emjaybee Reply

    These shoes are DEADLY when it’s wet out. It’s too bad, because they are so darn comfortable. :(

  110. CaitSith2 Reply

    Have to unfortunately agree, about these shoes being very dangerous, when its wet out. The danger factor completely outweighs how comfortable these shoes are.

  111. Sved Reply

    Crocs sued my friends, preventing them from selling their shoes for 4 years, saying their shoe were imitating crocs. My friends won the lawsuit after four years of struggle. Now Crocs threatened them that they will sue them again for whatever reason if they ever tried to sell the stock that has been put on hold for 4 years.

    It is a totally unethical brand ruled by a bunch of bloodsuckers, stay away.

  112. bigbird_57 Reply

    Surgery today. I hope she gets a good result. She had a pair of. Crocs on last night. Much to my dismay. She still defends these shoes. I hope I can save one family from this pain. Crocs on damp hard surfaces are dangerous.

  113. Hedgehog Reply

    The most comfortable shoes I know! BUT, I’ve suffered BAD falls in wet weather and damp floors. Guess I’ll put them away for the winter. (Shucks!) Anybody know if the NEW Crocks are really slip-resistant? Even when worn?

  114. bigbird_57 Reply

    Update 4,
    Therapy today for two hours. She is in a great deal of pain. The story continues. Let’s see my knee is trashed but boy these shoes are really comfortable. Sheeesh!

  115. bigbird_57 Reply

    The problem with Crocs is the “three legged stool” argument. If you are wearing original crocs and the surface is smooth or hard and there is moisture you will fall. It then is only a matter of when and how severe your fall. If you fall more than twice before you stop wearing these things, then you are a victim of the “Crock Mentality”.

  116. jacz Reply

    My mom has had several close shaves with slipping in her crocs when walking on wet or damp floors but she loves her crocs! I dislike not only the look but the shape. I call them OGRE shoes. For people with shapeless feet! Well 2 days ago it finally happened. She slipped on wet cement and had hip replacement surgery yesterday. And who’s to blame, crocs!!!! She didnt stand a chance.

  117. @o2l Reply

    Crocs, the strangest shoes ever, but they deliver on comfort:) I wasn’t an early adoptor because I thought Crocs were ugly,pricey for foam, and had no function for me. The black sandals[made in China] were my first because they were “normal.” I have worn my Crocs sandals in the woods on trails, on various wet surfaces, escalators, and haven’t had ANY issues. When it’s wet,I did find the foot bed a bit slippery,but not the soles. Too bad Crocs decided they would stop making this sandal.

    Customer service, I had NO issue when I needed help with my online purchase of the black sandals. Crocs Colorado did more to resolve my situation than many companies I’ve spent more money with!

    All the “issues”people have listed aren’t uncommon for similar footwear. For example,to wear footwear that isn’t a running type shoe to bike has always been a stupid idea. Given the many slipping complaints, Crocs should redesign the sole so people can safely wear them whenever they want.

    I now have the yellow Croc band for slippers;outlet store didn’t have orange. Want the khaki Croc band to actually wear in public:) Function, price, comfort, Crocs surprisingly work for me.

    Will be more cautious,aware on wet surfaces due to this site !

  118. helenjane Reply

    I loved my crocs and I had a pair at the back door and a pair at the front so I could slip them on easy. They were soooo comfy until I went out the front to put out the recycling and without any warning I fell down on a watery, muddy step and my foot went up against a solid stone wall ……… 10 weeks later and not being able to do anything because my injury was non-weight bearing, I have only just had the cast taken off from my fractured ankle and I am still unable to walk on my leg. When I had my accident I had to promise my A&E nurse that I would bin them which I did. Sensible flat grippy shoes from now on.

  119. Jane Reply

    Hi – I’ve had Crocs for a couple of years, but they’re going in the trash now. I’ve almost fallen badly a number of times in the house on little patches of water (wet kid dripping water across the floor). I’ve fallen once; strained my back a couple of times, and scared the crap out of myself once when I just about slipped down some steps. Friends just rang up and she’s going to the GP, and possibly having an xray on her tailbone after slipping on a wooden deck in her Crocs. They are super comfy and convenient, but this is dangerous and stupid.

  120. Hillary Reply

    Some styles of Crocs have a non-slip sole made of something other than Croslite. I have bought several of these but they hurt my feet,and pretty much just take up space in my closet. At work I can only stand to wear Beaches and other styles that have a really wide toe box. This terrifies me because I have brittle bones and I have lost count of the number of times I’ve slipped. I’m very careful but it only takes a few drops of water on a floor that you would barely notice! Last week I happened to walk onto some turf that seemed dry but the ground must have been wet under it. As soon as I stepped back on the dry pavement my foot went out from under me and I was barely able to regain my balance. I looked and saw wet footprints (or should I say Crocprints?) complete with tread pattern on the pavement where I’d just stepped. Now I’m just hoping to find some trick, gimmick or product that will make my Croc soles safer. Hmmm, something I could glue on?

  121. Richard Reply

    These shoes are fine when it is dry. On wet surfaces they are a total joke, even when the tread is new. I got a rubber sole put on a few months ago and they are fine now, even though the sole is worn smooth. The foam rubber used in these shoes is useless when wet. Take them to a shoemaker and get a rubber sole glued on for $5 and walk on any surface without injury.

  122. nikos Reply

    They are very dangerous indeed,
    various fall with them over four year with at least 5 different pair, and now i have two herniated disk.
    And one femur crack.
    Be careful.

  123. david theobalds Reply

    I am bed ridden and unable to move and in agony because my Crocs slipped on a wet slate step. Pelvic injury. They should not be allowed until a better grip has been developed. AAAAAAH! NOT WITHOUT A HEALTH WARNING

  124. Mary C Reply

    I’ve noticed that the tread on my Crocs wore down quickly because the material is so soft. This causes them to be slippery on wet smooth surfaces. I broke my big toe slipping in a wet parking lot. I slipped a few times before this but didn’t injure myself. While they are comfortable I will not wear these shoes again.

  125. Sarah Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly that Crocs are dangerous – I came to this site after slipping this morning on wet pavement in the rain while wearing my Crocs sandals. Fell hard and fast and really hurt my knee. I am hoping it’s just a really bad bruise/knot and nothing broken and will heal. EXTREMELY dangerous. I am horrified by the many serious injuries posted here. I am throwing my Crocs away when I get home!!! And walking very gingerly until then, while icing my knee.

  126. Nancy Reply

    I was living in Germany, when they first came out,they called them “rainshoes”LOL turns out rain was the worst place to use them in. the first time I went down in them I was running in Rome, it was really pouring rain, I found myself lying flat down in the middle of a main street. Now I llive back in the U.S. and near Savannah where it seems to rain everyday, this time I fell in my crocs and went right down on my knee, its been a month, and my knee still does not work properly, never went for medical help as I have no insurance for that. the first time it happened I didnot blame it on the shoe as I didn`t know what I now know about these shoes, BUT, I love them. I think I will get the sole glued on them like the man who wrote what he did, hope it works. I have crocs and the cheap $5.00 ones all the same problem. also don`t you love the way they just stop all of a sudden and you look and feel like you are going down…best thing to do is lift your feet up with each step, and when wet, hang on to someone.

  127. Rita Reply

    my crocs are not slippery. I even mow the grass in a pair of mine.
    They are not slick in the rain/wet, either.

  128. Hillary Reply

    After a few nasty slips on wet surfaces I knew I had to find a solution to the problem of slippery soles. I only wear Crocs and almost exclusively the original clog style. I tried the Bistro; they are definitely non-slip but they squeak on some floors and someone even complained about the noise. Then I discovered “siping”: a process of cutting thin slits across a rubber surface to improve traction in wet or icy conditions and often applied to tires. Problem solved! I used a retractable utility knife–the kind with a snap-off blade. Using my most worn-down Crocs I siped the soles in three directions: straight across, and diagonally two ways, making the cuts about 1/8″ to 1/4 ” apart–not too particular, not too precise–taking less than a minute per sole. Now I wear them on the wettest tile floors and they DON’T SLIP!

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