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36 Responses to Sassari Crocs – Crocs with Heels!
  1. killired Reply

    i have to try these!

  2. Liz Reply

    I am INTRIGUED by the Sassari—very stylish, but depends on the heel height if I can wear them or not.

  3. Pat Reply

    LOVE them!!

  4. pattio Reply

    look good, must try

  5. sheri Reply

    Love them where can I buy them…

  6. Amanda Reply

    I’m checking their website daily – any news on when they’ll be available?

    Funny – I just said to a friend about a month ago that I love my crocs so much that I want them in heels. She was doubtful.

  7. Olivia Reply

    March 15 seems to be the release date on the Crocs web site. I wonder if the mall official crocs kiosks will have them to try.

  8. Olivia Reply

    There is a coupon code that can be used for FREE Shipping within the US and Canada (crocsspring07). US customers can use it when shopping online, however Canadians have to call 1.303.848.7121.

    Canadians can order by phone directly from Créations Foam (where they make them, in Quebec City) the number for ordering from Créations Foam is 1-877-285-6249 x 224. At least, that’s the number to order in French, I don’t know if this person speaks English. I don’t know if they will ship to the USA, their prices seem to be cheaper for Canadians.

  9. francie Reply

    Just love crocs! I have 4 different styles, and even bought the boots for this past winter. Crocs are GREAT, and keep getting BETTER!!!

  10. jojo Reply

    Just got my sassaris in black and white- they are pretty cute– the heel is kind of narrow and so not so stable, but will take some getting used to. I will probably order some more colors.
    My croc rx reliefs are the most comfortable thing I have ever worn!!

  11. Mindy Reply

    The narrow heel is exactly what I was worried about. These are the cutest things I have ever seen and I am a faithful Croc fan since way back but other shoes with this exact style arent very stable either. If you lean on your foot even slightly, you can twist your ankle because the shoe topples over. I hope they will have them in some local shops soon. I dont want to buy before trying them on. They are adorable though!!! I am so hoping they will work for me.

  12. Mindy Reply

    By the way, these are supposed to be available for purchase from the website (and other sites as well) March 30th.

  13. Whitney Reply

    I have to get a pair of these in every color, can;t wait until March 30th!!!

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  15. jelita78 Reply

    Can anybody who has already purchase a sassari please tell me about the sassari sizing? do u bought the same size as your beach / mary jane crocs where there’s about half an inch space infront of your toes and also behind your heels? Or you bought one size smaller?

  16. Kelly Reply

    There is an ad on your site w/ a hyperlink to stating that they carry the Sassari. After going to their site then calling them, I did get confirmation that they DO NOT carry this shoe.

  17. Angela Reply

    Does anyone know where these might be in stock? My mom got the last pair at a local Dillard’s department store and every website I check seems to be sold out.

  18. Croc Fan Reply now has Sassari Crocs available for purchase.

  19. Mindy Reply

    unfortunately, is out of stock and has been so since they hit the shelves (where ever that may have been because I cant find them ANYWHERE!)

    However, you can find them on ebay for like 60$ or more since they are so hard to find you will have to pay double to get them. SO UNFAIR!!! I’m willing to bet it will be fall before these things are easier to get ahold of.

  20. Allison Reply

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a pair of the Sassari Chocolate/Gold pair and they are absolutely the best. I bought them on the Dillard’s website, but the next day they were out of my size. I have the perfect outfit that matches. I keep watching every website trying to find all of them. Good luck in finding them. Check the Bloomingdales website too. It said that the Sassari would ship in 43 days and I just checked a few minutes ago. This pair got me upt to 6 total and trust me, I will be adding more.

  21. Allison Reply

    Sorry I didn’t post this in the last one, but I bought them in my regular shoe size. I wear a 9 and they fit me perfectly.

  22. Moxie Reply

    I’m looking forward to finding, then buying a pair this week. (I’m a girlie girl type that loves heels.) Wish they offered them in all black, the two-tone look is too limiting, I would prefer something more neutral.

    Anyone know if there’s a marker or paint made that will adhere to the Croc’s material? I tried a Sharpie on the bottom of an old pair of Croc’s flats I have and it only kinda-sorta sticks and looks streaky/smudgy. Not good. Thanks.

    Blue Skies

  23. Ani Reply

    I bought them while I was on a trip to Savannah Georgia and they are really, really cute, but beware that they do leave marks on your little toes. I have narrow-medium feet so if you have average feet, they will definitely leave blisters. Very cute, impulse buy but not sure they break in due to the material…. fab design.

  24. Ani Reply

    Try your local Birkenstock store. I am from San Fran but I found them at the Birkenstock store in Savannah, Georgia of all places!!

  25. Sharon Hickman Reply

    I LOVE them……have looked ALL over for them (6)…none available for purchase (esp black/white)

  26. Karen Reply

    I have the CROCS Patra in Khaki.
    Love THEM!!!!
    Oh my gosh, first of all I found these to run a size smaller than the regular crocs.
    I normally wear an 8 shoes and an 8 in CROCS.
    But I found these to run short and the strap near the top was just a little snug in the 8. The 9 fits perfect!!!

    But they are sooooooo
    cute and comfortable. Don’t hesitate to but them. Cute Cute Cute!!!

  27. Jacqueline Reply

    Hi, I owned a pair of Mary Janes (Size 9) and I just recently bought a Size 8 (my regular size) Sassari in white/blue. When I first tried them on, they felt heavenly but after wearing them to the office a 9 hours continusly, I have blisters on both my pinky toes! Wonder if any of yu have the same predicament? NO doubt, Sassari is one of the most comfy wedges available, then how come I still get blisters.

  28. Terri Reply

    I got blisters the first few times that I wore them. I have had mine about two months and wear them almost everyday. They are awesome!!

  29. kc Reply

    UGLY! these are just as bad as the rest of the crocs, keep them in garden!

  30. Luci Reply

    Hi, I bought a pair of the Sassari at a little boutique in Raleigh NC. I wear an size 8 normally, however when I tried them on in the store, I found that the size 7 was a better fit for me. The other two styles that I tried on seem to run a little smaller. found that a bit odd~ no blisters, the shoes ar fabulous. I have had back surgery and found any shoe with a heel gives me pain. This shoe does not, yeah! I did not find them to be wobble either.
    You can find them almost anywhere.

  31. shirley Reply

    Fell completely in “love” the Sassari Black on Black. In them every day all day! But….how do I clean/wash this croc heel? Can I put them in the dishwasher, washing machine….without any drying heat?

  32. Hurley Reply



  33. Croc Fan Reply

    Hurley, a simple “I don’t like them would have been just fine.”. You must be an angy person.

  34. Millie Reply





  35. Charmaine Reply

    I was so excited when I found these shoes! I immediately bought them and boy, am I sorry I did! I can’t wear these shoes for long at all and when I do both of my pinkie toes end up blistered and bleeding! These are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. To give an example of just how uncomfortable they were, on a recent trip to the mall I was in so much pain that I stopped at Payless to buy a pair of flip flops to wear!I am very disappointed because I love Crocs.

  36. catwoman Reply

    First admire when my sister wore it. Try to look for it in the web. Fall in love with the design & colours. Really comfortable too.
    Now, I’m crazy over CROCS.

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