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16 Responses to Leader of the free world is a Crocs Fan!
  1. [...] I’m not a fan of President Bush, but obviously he is a fan of Crocs. You can see a picture at Croc...
  2. [...] Also as you may know, President Bush was wearing Crocs. You can see a picture of him wearing Crocs a...
  3. Former Croc Owner Reply

    Really? I just threw all my pairs of Crocs away.

  4. bw6168 Reply

    …that’s enough of a reason to get rid of mine now. Thanks Pres. Bush – for wrecking the country and my love of Crocs!!

  5. Someone Reply

    That’s hilarious…

  6. Shari Reply

    Too cooool!!!! I love ‘em more every minute….

  7. [...] Bush Is Teh Tacky. Via The Coracle, the Washington Post has ridiculed President Bush’s recent foot...
  8. Ulla Reply

    Hitler wore Crocs too.

  9. D Reply

    Wow. This is the first time Dubya has ever been seen doing something intelligent!

  10. Lulu Reply

    The caption is wrong, remove the word “Leader” and replace with “Puppet Idiot”

  11. David Reply

    Socks with Crocs makes so much sense for such a person, great photo.
    I would be embaresed to have these ugly platic things on my feet

  12. PBR Reply

    What an idiot. I will throw away all crocs in my house and never by another pair. Thanks for the pIc and info on Prince Dumbass.

  13. Caboosa Reply

    Well, I thought I was going to buy Crocs. Maybe after this man sinks into infamy. A picture with someone with intelligence is needed to counter this one. Quickly, please.

  14. D-Bass Reply

    The kids at my scool pick on me.But they are so comfortable I don’t care.MY grandmother bought the Crocs for me at Fort Bragg. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE CROCS.

  15. Mrs. E Reply

    I love crocs!!! I love that the President loves Crocs too!!!

  16. William Bolen Reply

    My daughter and I are doing research on the history of footwear and came across the interesting picure of President Bush wearing a pair of Crocs on your web page. May we have permissionk to use this image? If we do not hear from you we will assume it is ok. But if there is a problem, please let us know.

    We will be happy of list you as the source in our bibliography.

    Thank you.
    William Bolen, Ph.D.

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