More Croc knock offs

There looks to be more Crocs knockoffs.  These are called Holeys.  The look identical to Crocs, come in all of the same colors, and are $25.  They can be purchased directly from the website using PayPal.

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10 Responses to More Croc knock offs
  1. Payton Reply

    Check these shoes out
    really pretty cool don’t ya think
    they might be the best looking “others” out there

  2. wanda Reply

    have any of you ever heard of Waldie’s from some 15 years ago. They are the original “holey, foam shoe”. So how can crocs say they are the original and how can they say everyone is knocking them off. Isn’t it true that the people behing Crocs’ and Holey’s used to be in business together??? I have done alot of investigating and don’t carry either of these brands in my store because of all the bad mouthing that they do to each other and everyone else. I would rather not support such bad business. People who say others are knock offs better get there facts straight…

  3. CARLOS Reply

    the waldies comfy clogs really start in 2001, waldies crocs and holey soles were produce in the same factory in Canada, verify in their web site and see that waldies is the only company that claims they are the originals they are not afraid to claim that…. why? because they are telling nothing but the truth!

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  5. Kheila Reply

    I have both, a pair of crocs and waldies, but the waldies are more comfortable, have more cushion, by far the waldies are better!! ask my grandma!

  6. Susanna Reply

    My son has both a pair of crocs and Holey’s. I really can’t tell the difference.

  7. Debbie Reply

    I am looking for the knock off Croc’s called Candy. I have severe foot problems and can’t remember where I bought them and they are about to wear out.

  8. Mark B Reply

    I know for a fact that Waldies are the Original item! How, you ask? Back in 2001 I was an employee for Walden Kayaks when we recieved the prototype model for these shoes. We recieved two pair. One pair of the these proto-type shoes went to me. I loved them from the start. They were and still are incredibly comfortable. I will warn aganst wearing them constantly. The arch on mine wore down and eventually resulted in Plantar Fascitis. It is amazing how long they last. Odd truths about Waldies is that after the tread is gone these shoes grip when on slippery surfaces such as icy roads or slippery river rocks.
    I was seriously pissed when “Crocs” came out with the knock off. The strap on the Crocs is useless accept for changing the Waldie enough to call it their own. Waldies are still going strong at

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  10. baptiste Reply

    Various Crocs Fans Blog Posts – January 20th, 2007 at 10:55 am
    [...] Wife of a soldier in Iraq sending him a pair of Crocs. He wants the real Crocs, not some Crocs Knockoffs. [...]
    ***to think some soldier is defending this hipster dufus!

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