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21 Responses to Tie-Dyed Croc Color?
  1. Angelica Reply

    eww, i don’t think the idea of tye dye crocs is a good idea, I have seen fake tye dye crocs today and they were u-g-l-y =)

    I love my solid colored crocs

  2. chloe beth nord Reply

    you need to make tye-dye crocs instead of only fake tye-dye crocs. you need to have tye-dye red and white, blue and white, pink and white, purple and yellow, orange and blue, and polka dot in all the ones i named

  3. R Miller Reply

    I just did some investigating b/c I was looking for the tye dye crocs too since I had seen them at the hospital where I work. Airwalk brand has them, also in a red, white, and blue style. You can find them on Ebay. Just thought i would share.

  4. killired Reply

    yep… airwalk makes them and they are sold exclusively at payless shoes. i have the red white and blue ones and they are comfy and cute! i have baby blue swirled ones and lots of people comment on them. i also have pink and yellow swirled ones too but i dont wear them as much. they’re 14.99 at payless stores and website.

  5. Amy Reply

    has anyone ever found tye dyed crocs?

    • tweetytucker Reply

      I bought my first pair of fake crocs that are blue & yellow tie dye on Chicoteaque Island when a store on main street was going out of business. If I knew how much I would LOVE them, I would have bought them all…….they were only $6. I’ve had many positive comments on them.

  6. Insulted by Croc Reply

    Tye dye crocs: for every junkie that doesn’t mind disgrace

  7. Bonnie Reply

    I would love to see clear Crocs! I am a spinner and make my own socks, and would love to display them. Clear would show the neat patterns.

  8. Jenny Reply

    Tie Dye Crocs would be so cool! I was down in the Keys this weekend and they had fakes for $15 and they were really cute.. they would match just about anything.. come on people if your crazy enough to wear them in the first place than its not far fetched to wear tie dye ones. I’d buy a pair.

  9. Bobbie Reply

    I think it is a cool idea as a matter of fact I have been trying to find some that I like that are tie dyed. I love the idea. I think it would be cool. I bought a pair of the off brand and they are cute. Love them great idea. Yes I would buy a few pair if they were all different from each other that is.

  10. Audra Reply

    Crocs make a tie dyed croc. I bought a pair at Dillards. In Virginia Beach, Va.

  11. Brittany Reply

    I think it is a great idea, my friend got a pair of off brand crocs that were tie dye, and i cannot find a pair anywhere! I would buy them in a heartbeat!!

  12. Heather Reply

    YES!! Ive been searching everywhere for them and thats actually how I stumbled upon this.. I WANT THEM!! If anyone knows where to get them please tell THANKS!

  13. Terry Reply

    Yes, I just got some tie-dye Mary Jane Crocs at Dillards. I have some of the fake tie-dye crocs from Payless, but the real ones are more comfortable. I had been wanting Crocs to come out with tie-dye and there they were at Dillards. There are two color combinations–red, yellow, orange and green, and a blue type of combination. They are very fun–and comfortable.

  14. Justine Reply

    I have been looking for tie dye crocs for the last few months!!! It is a solid idea and I know people that would love them.

  15. Me Reply

    I would love to find a pair of there a lady at work has the airwalk brand from payless but that are out of stock!!! Please let me know if anyone can find where i can order them from, i have a different pair of brightly colored scrubs i have to wear daily, so these would be pereferct, yet i have had no luck.

  16. Jenny Reply

    I got a pair from back in 2006, but they only sold them online. Mine are red/orange swirled and there was another option too. Now I am looking for another pair of crocs in a different style and wish that the multi-colored ones were made like that now :(

  17. Rose Reply

    I have a pair of fake cheap tye dye “Crocos” that are almost worn out. I can’t find them anymore, if I’d known that I would have bought 20 pairs of them. I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Wish Croc’s would make Tye dye clogs!!

  18. Rishae Reply

    Please make tye dye crocs, would love to buy them!!!!!

  19. kirsty Reply

    please can you tell me if anyone found any tye dyed crocs? i am in the UK and we have not seen any this way at all – my father and i would love to buy a few pairs. many thanks

  20. Amor Reply

    I have had a pair of tye dye crocs made by air walk for years still looking to replace them love love love them and everyone complements them.

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