Kids Crocs Everywhere

I don’t know about you, but I see kids wearing crocs everywhere.

Here is a great Kid Croc Fans picture.
kids wearing crocs fishing

Another great photograph of a Kid wearing his Crocs in the water.
kids crocs in water

Yet another kid in his crocs in the water. Crocs, Kids, and Water go hand in hand.
yellow kids crocs

Kid Croc fan and Dad Croc Fan together – stefanierj
kid and dad wearing crocs

Crocs on a swing.
kids swinging with crocs on.

Tiny Crocs for Tiny Croc Fan
tiny kids crocs

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Crocs, Inc.
9 Responses to Kids Crocs Everywhere
  1. killired Reply

    the first person i ever saw with crocs on was my cousin’s little boy… they were a medium green color and he had them on at my grandma’s dairy farm… i thought he had them on cause we were at the farm… cause i thought they looked like garden clogs… little did i know they were so comfy and that i would soon be addicted to them!

  2. Joan Kupczyk Reply

    Please Help!!!
    I need to know what to do when the button that holds the strap on brakes can we get another one to replace the broken one like the jibbets. I did try the jibbets but they are to short to put into the both pieces.
    Thanks Joan

  3. drew Reply

    When i saw crocs in real life,I saw these two kids wearing green caman crocs.I thought they were stupid,but i caught on to them when i got to try them on.

  4. molly Reply

    the strap on my crocs broke how do you fix it

  5. Courtney Reply

    you don’t fix it.
    you let the crocs die.

  6. Helen Reply

    You can swap the strap out (as long as the hole isn’t ripped) with the strap from another pair of crocs.

  7. Kevin Malloy Reply

    Just go to the customer service area on the Crocs website ( You can get replacement rivets and/or replacement straps FREE if either ever break. All you have to do is fill out a short form telling them where to send the replacement parts. Parts and shipping are completely FREE.

  8. Cindy Johnson Reply

    I just bought a new pair of Crocs for my son from the crocs web site. He was riding his bike and got the strap caught somehow the rivets broket. Then he tried to replace them with MY crocs and broke the too. What can I do to fix them?

  9. crocs Reply

    Kids crocs are really everywhere. They are also available here in my country, which is Philippines.

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