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Croc Announces Its Fall and Winter 2008 Line

I know it is hard to believe that some people are already thinking about Fall and Winter. It is especially hard for me to believe this when my air conditioner is cranking non-stop just to keep my house at a balmy 76 degrees. But, in the fashion world, folks are always thinking way ahead!

Last week, Crocs Inc. revealed what will be their line of shoes for the 2008 Fall and Winter season. Of course, this big announcement was made in New York City at the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) trade show. Now, we obviously cannot visit the show since it ended on June 5th, but we can tell you about some of the Crocs styles that we can expect to see in the coming months.

In the coming cooler months, Crocs is expanding the Fuzz collection with cozy flats and boots. The six new styles in the Fuzz collection really embody the innovation of Crocs shoes by combining Crocs’ signature comfort along with soft synthetic fur linings. Crocs and fur… an interesting combination, to say the least! To me, this spells COMFORT!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Crocs Nanook and the Crocs Nadia. Both of these styles will be available in an array of colors and come in a wide range of Women’s and Girl’s sizes.

Crocs Fall and Winter

Additional models in the Crocs Fall 2008 lineup include:
• The Crocs Ambler, a fleece lined casual boot for the guys with a leather upper
• The Crocs Juneau, another for the ladies, with a new take on a classic flat with fun elastic detailing and chic feminine design

Get ready to start shopping for your new Fall and Winter Crocs beginning in September.

Cyprus Crocs are high on my list!

Ladies, I think you are going to to love this new Croc sandal that is featured in today’s posting. It’s called Cyprus Crocs. Check out this sassy sandal below.

This snazzy little backless sandal has a very comfy 3 inch heel. Before you run away screaming at the thought of a 3 inch heel, wait! Remember, this shoe is a Crocs shoe!! This fabulous sandal is made of Crocs’ very own Croslite material. This has got to be the most comfortable 3 inch sandal out there for all you “open-toed high-heeled shoe loving ladies”.

This particular Crocs selection is not your average uni-sex type style of Crocs shoe. This one is specifically made for the stylist fashionista who demands comfort along with trendiness. The Cyprus is just perfect for the summer months that are upon us. Whether shopping with girlfriends, attending a baseball game, going to dinner, or even to a barbecue cookout, these Crocs are designed for fashion and comfort and will surely complement your favorite summer outfits.

The Cyprus is available in a variety of colors, including black, white, brown and red.

It appears this Crocs sandal retails for about $50. All in all, I think that is probably about average for what you ladies pay for a nice pair of sandals, correct? I would like to know if you would be willing to pay $50 for these Cyprus sandals. I know that this summer, that is the cost of a tank of gas (for a small car); but I know that ladies will always love their shoes, no matter how much gas costs!

I say, “Park that car! Save the gas! Go for a walk and enjoy your new Crocs Cyprus sandals!”

Crocs at Work

Listen up ladies that are restaurant workers!! You too can wear Crocs at work!! Crocs, Inc. just announced two new styles of Crocs that are designed specifically for women in the food service industry. The Ginger and the Saffron are brand new in the Crocsâ„¢ Work Shoes collection.

The Ginger features a 2-inch wedge heel. The Saffron features an adjustable strap to ensure a comfy fit. Both of these cool new styles will be available by mid-August and come in classic black or white.

Don’t you know you are going to be having happy feet in these new Ginger or Saffron Crocs! Working in any area of the food service industry requires a brutal amount of time on your feet and these new Crocsâ„¢ Work Shoes will be a must-have for many women that work long 8, 10, or 12 hour shifts on their feet.

Of course, you do not have to work in a restaurant to enjoy your own pair of Ginger or Saffron Crocs. The comfort of these sleek new shoes is available to women of all ages and career-types!

Let me know when you get a pair of Ginger or Saffron Crocs. I have a feeling they are going to be a big success! I’d like to know what YOU think.

Capri Crocs Flip Flops

It’s May and, to me, that means time for some fun in the sun! Now, typically, I prefer to go shoeless, but if feet must be clothed in something, I am going to have to say that these Croc Capri flip-flops that I have recently come across are kind of cool. Let’s face it, in the hot summer, the less we have to wear to bear the heat, the better… right? These cool flip-flops fit the bill of being “barely there” on your feet.

capri crocs

The nifty sandals come in a variety of sassy colors. I found pictures of various colors and styles at www.shoebuy.com. There is a whole Crocs Shoe Store on that particular site, but I especially think the Croc Capri Shoes are cool for you ladies to enjoy this summer.

An advertised benefit of these Croc Capri flip-flops is that they have little nubs that will stimulate blood flow in your feet. Now how often do you actually wear shoes that are stimulating? Be honest now! Books are stimulating. Music is stimulating. Some movies are stimulating, although it’s been a while since I have seen one fitting into that category. People can be stimulating. People are stimulating, aren’t they? Back to the point here… how often do you run across flip-flops that are stimulating? I find this very intriguing!

Here is what I think about these stimulating shoes. I think all you ladies out there should get together, go get your spa pedicures and then don your favorite pair of Croc Capris. Just think of how stimulating you could be! You could be on the verge of a society changing event, simply because of the blood stimulating power of the Croc Capri flip-flop.

Stranger things have happened.

Patra Crocs – Women’s Sandals

The Patra Crocs sandal featured 2 mesh straps that go over the foot. This womans sandal also features a slightly elevated heel, available in 7 two-tone colors and are priced at $39.99. The Patra Croc will be available March 1st.

patra crocs
patra crocs
patra crocs
patra crocs
patra crocs
patra crocs
patra crocs

Add your comments at the bottom of this page and let us know what you think of these new Crocs Patra!

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