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Confessions of a Crocs Crocoholic

Our friend Leandra from Vienna sent us this picture of her new Purple Cayman Crocs. We love hearing from fellow Croc Fans from around the world. Send us your pictures or videos of your Crocs and we will post for the world to see.

purple crocs cayman


this is Leandra from Vienna. A lot has happend, since I sent you a picture of my Crocs Athens last year. We have a Crocs flagshipstore since last autum and it is much easier to get this shoes now.

Today I was at a toystore with my son. Yes, they have Crocs, in adult sizes too. And yes, of course I had to buy them.

My name is Leandra and I am a crocoholic… :-) ))

Greetings from sunny Vienna


I love the fact that has become an outlet, dare I say support group for Crocoholics? Maybe we should add a category on the site for Crocoholics to share their stories for therapy purposes. :-)

Crocs Artist

We have seen a number of artists use Crocs as a canvas for their art. Checkout this video of Pim Smit painting Crocs on the street.

Add a comment below to let us know what you think of his work.

I Hate Crocs Cutting up Crocs

Our anti-Crocs friends over at put together another video of them destroying a pair of Yellow Beach Crocs.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my time building up rather than tearing down.

You have to hand it to them, they are creative in their message of hate toward Crocs. If you have any creative ideas on how we can counter their movement email us at We would love to hear your ideas!

Crocs Banned from Hospital – Again.

Crocs have been banned from a Stockholm, Sweden Hospital. Apparently Crocs were suspected in generating static electricity which caused problems with some of the medical equipment. Thankfully nobody was hurt in incident. This problem with static electricity in the hospital has been going on for a number of years, but has increased in the recent months thought to be caused by the increase in the number of hospital workers wearing Crocs.

We reported earlier where a hospital in the US banned Beach and Cayman Crocs because the holes caused a health risk.

Save 25% off All Men’s Crocs is running a 25% off all men’s shoes special until May 11th. No brands are excluded from this offer, so you can buy any pair of Men’s Crocs and get 25% off.

In order to get your discount be sure to enter the coupon code: MENSALE25 at checkout.

Go Shop For Crocs Now!

Remember Father’s Day is just around the corner. What better gift for dad then a brand new pair of Crocs! They will be the most used Father’s day gift in years.

Have you seen all the new Crocs?

It is good to see that Crocs (the company) is continuing to design new shoes in order to keep their brand alive and growing. It seems every time you turn around they are releasing new pairs of Crocs or announcing a new partnership to license new Crocs. They have expanded their designs to more than just the Beach and Cayman styles which put them on the map.

More stylish designs like the Sassari and Prima will help win over more critical consumers who complain the original Crocs are ugly and should not be worn in public.

Have you seen some of the other Crocs that have been released in the last couple of months. Well if you happen to have missed them, here are just a couple.

Crocs Capri (Women's) - Chocolate/Cotton Candy

Capri Crocs for Women

Crocs Girls Mary Jane (Girls') - Fuchsia

Mary Jane Crocs for Girls and Infants

Crocs Crete (Men's) - Khaki/Chocolate

Crete Crocs for Men

Crocs Off Road - Black/Black

Off Road Crocs (Unisex)

Let us know what you think about these new styles. Add your comments on if you will be purchasing or have already purchased some of these “other” Crocs.

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